What Type Of Denim Is Right For You - Featuring GAP

September 24, 2017

The struggle is REAL, when shopping for new jeans ! It can feel like a daunting task because there are so many factors that come into play, when finding the perfect style and fit. You may find yourself thinking of the following questions - Do I adapt a new trend, or stick to a basic 5-pocket? Which wash should I choose? Does pocket placement or size matter? Do I need to dish out a lot of money to get the perfect pair? In this post we will tell you some things to look for when shopping for your particular shape, as well as the newest styles from GAP that you need to try - That will NOT break the bank!


Super High-Rise Skinny Sculpt


A high-rise, dark, skinny jean is one of the most versatile pieces you can have in your closet, no matter what your shape is! A dark denim will double as a dress pant, so it  looks great with blouses, blazers an heels. This high-rise sculpt style is a basic 5-pocket and comes in three lengths too (short, regular and long). The longer the length, the more elongated your legs will seem. There is also no distressing or whiskering on the sculpt - which is perfect because those markings can visually create fullness in the hip or thigh area.

Mid-Rise Curvy Boot


A fit that is meant for those with curves, this is the perfect casual denim. The basic 5-pocket style may be lighter in wash, but a silhouette with a boot-cut or flare helps balance a shape with fuller hips and bottom. The medium rise won’t cut you off at your widest part and the contoured waist helps avoid any gaping you may tend to see in your lower back/waist. The style also comes in 3 lengths (petite, regular & tall). When deciding on length make sure you get them long enough, a wider hem that is too short will make your legs seem very short. Look for the hem to have a slight break over your shoe.

Mid-Rise Real Straight


A straight leg denim will offer a similar look to a skinny jean, but feel a bit more relaxed. The style should fit slim but not tight. Also make sure this style doesn’t fit too baggy, or it will make you feel big throughout your leg. A straight leg may be more comfortable to someone with fuller hips or calves. This particular GAP style will help someone with narrow hips, give the illusion of curves because of the wash and distressing through the hip and thigh. Try tucking in your top as well, as that will also accentuate your waist, giving your more of an hourglass shape.

Moto Style Skinnies

Now come the trends! These styles may scare some people away, but they don’t have to. If you want to try a moto style, or any other pair with different pockets, washes or details - there is a style for every shape, just keep in mind a few things. Slanted pockets or zippers will bring attention to your hips and make them appear wider - as will any seam details, If you don't want that, choose a style like the one on the left. It is a basic 5 pocket skinny but just has the seam detail over the knee. Still a high rise to suit all shapes, but with a little extra style.

Now that we’ve looked at some great styles, let’s recap & talk about some extra shopping tips:


  1. A high-rise, dark, skinny jean is the most versatile pair you can own - no matter your shape.
  2. The longer the length, the taller you will appear. Add heels?! Even better!
  3. Pocket size matters. Look for styles that have pockets that are proportioned to you backside. The smaller the pocket, the bigger your booty will appear. The wider apart the pockets, the wider your hips will look.
  4. Whiskering, light washing or distressing across the hip and thigh will create the illusion of curves.
  5. If you have gaping in your waist, look for a style with a contoured (not straight across) waistband. It will hug your curves and come in smaller at the waist.
  6. A relaxed silhouette will give a similar look to a skinny jean, but is more relaxed. It should fir slim, but NOT tight. 
  7. Flares or bootcuts will add balance to shapely hips
  8. If you’re wanting to appear slimmer, don't wear a top that will cut across the widest part of your hips/bottom.
  9. Tuck in your tops to accentuate your waist and create and hourglass silhouette.
  10. Lastly, these are all tips and suggestions. Feel confident and powerful in your choices - that is all that matters!



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