Resolutions: Healthy Eating

January 13, 2016

I am a big advocate of eating healthy. I try my best to avoid those bad-for-you foods, but working downtown doesn’t always make it so easy. Someone always wants to meet for lunch, or I have less than 10 minutes in between my noon workout and my next meeting to grab a quick lunch-on-the-go. One of my New Year’s Resolutions is to make smarter meal choices! There are tons of quick and healthy breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snack options at Cornwall Centre to make running from one meeting to another that much easier! Here are our favourite spots to grab a healthy bite on-the-go.


Extreme Pita

I love pitas, and Extreme Pita definitely knows how to make ‘em. Their pitas come stuffed with fresh ingredients and unique flavours. I can’t help but try something new every time I stop by. My current favourite is the Buffalo Chicken, and sometimes, when I’m feeling adventurous, I will order it as a Flatbaked Pita – it’s like a pizza, but so much better! And they are made fresh to order, so I can pick and choose the ingredients that go in it. There’s something for everyone on their menu! 


Booster Juice

Have you ever felt like you can never make something as good as someone else can? That’s how I feel about smoothies. I enjoy sipping on a smoothie every once in a while, especially on a hot day or when I’m feeling under the weather, but I am never satisfied when I make it on my own. That’s why I stop at Booster Juice. Not only are there tons of delicious smoothies to choose from, many of their smoothies use one-of-a-kind ingredients that I would never think to put in my smoothies at home. My favourites are the Brazilian Thunder, which uses the antioxidant-rich, immune-stimulating, and energy-boosting fruit, the acai berry, as well as the Matcha Monsoon, made with Matcha green tea! Plus, they have equally delicious food items like wraps and paninis should you be craving a bit more out of your meal.



Whether I have limited time to reach for breakfast or grab a quick lunch, I know Freshii has me covered. My favourite thing about Freshii is the unique items on their menu. If I am running late in the morning, I stop for a Grilled Egg Pocket (basically a grilled wrap filled with tons of protein and feel-good ingredients) or Home-Made Oatmeal and a juice. Their juice combinations may seem a bit bizarre to some, but they are totally delicious! At lunch, I love their Burritos or a nice healthy salad.


OPA! of Greece

I had never explored the options at OPA! of Greece, until we ordered in lunch for the office a few months back. I was blown away by how fresh and tasty everything was! Plus, there are tons of meal combinations to fit any dietary restriction! Keep it simple with a Low Carb Caesar or Greek Salad (and six different proteins to choose from!) or satisfy your hunger and get a little bit of everything with the OPA! Platter.


ZamZam Wraps

I am very impressed with the menu at ZamZam Wraps. Not only is everything so fresh, they also have a variety of gluten free and vegan options. Did I mention their whole grain bread has ZERO cholesterol, trans-fat, saturated fat, and preservatives?! Plus, when sides are only $2.50 each, you are guaranteed to go back to the office feeling satisfied, and craving your next flavour adventure!


CC Tip – There are many more healthy options throughout Cornwall Centre’s Food Court. If you want to know more, visit their websites - most vendors have easily accessible nutritional information so you can be aware of the contents of your meal. Don’t forget to throw in a cheat meal or snack every once in a while to keep yourself motivated – you deserve a little treat for your hard work!


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