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January 06, 2016

Now that the Season of Indulgence is winding down, most of us have started to think about what we want to achieve in 2016. The most popular New Year’s Resolution each year is to lose weight. I will admit that I have set this goal for myself from year to year. If you’ve decided to lose weight this year, my advice to you is to stick with it by changing your perspective on your Resolution. Don’t aim to lose weight, but rather to feel more confident in your body, focus on the way your clothes fit, or increase your physical strength or endurance. You are much more likely to feel satisfied in reaching your goal by the end of the year if you take the focus off of the number on the scale.

Now, get out there and try something new! Hit the weights, go for a run, or join a group fitness class with a friend! Don’t forget to pick the right workout clothes for your activity. Here are our picks for active wear to keep you motivated and feeling comfortable while you are sweating it out.



CC Tip – Choose a bottom that you can move freely in and feel comfortable in. There’s nothing worse than feeling restricted when trying to master lunges, or pulling down on the fabric of your shorts or crops when they keep bunching up on you.


1. Run: Speed Short *4-way stretch :: lululemon ($54) – To keep you cool and comfortable from training day to race day.
2. Sweaty Endeavour Short :: lululemon ($54) – Full coverage to move with you on the gym floor or yoga mat.
3. Wunder Under Crop :: lululemon ($88) – So much stretch, you’ll feel more flexible than ever!


1. GapFit gFast bold print leggings :: Gap ($74.95) – Will withstand rigorous workouts, like running, TRX, or cycling.
2. All The Right Places Pant :: lululemon ($128) – These pockets are perfect to store your iPod while running or lifting weights! No more cleavage-holder (guilty).
3. Baddah G Legging :: Bench. ($59) – Great to wear to sweat or for fun!



CC Tip #1 – Be sure to choose the right shoe for the intended activity. Most sneakers are meant for a specific type of exercise. Weight training or cross training shoes have less support than running shoes, and wearing them while running can result in strain or injury. Trust me, I know from experience!

CC Tip #2 – Worn-down sneakers can result in the lack of support and can cause injuries. If you are in the gym at least three times a week, you’ll probably need to replace your shoes every 8-12 months.  If you increase your gym time up to six times a week, the life span of your sneakers shortens to every 3-6 months. If you do a lot of running, every 5-8 months is recommended.


1. Nike Roche One :: Foot Locker ($98) - Ideal for running.
2. Nike Air Max Siren :: Foot Locker ($130) - Ideal for running.
3. Nike In-Season Trainer 4 :: Foot Locker ($99.99) - Ideal for weight training.


Sports Bras

CC Tip #1 – Be sure to choose a sports bra that gives you the right coverage you will need. Although we all want the “cute” bra, it is much more important to choose one that you will feel comfortable in and that will withstand the level of intensity of your workout.

CC Tip #2 - The more you wear your bra, the more you’ll have to wash it, which means, the quicker you will weaken its elasticity. Depending on the amount of exercise you do, it is recommended to replace it every 3-12 months. To increase the longevity of your sports bra and to preserve the elastic, hang dry instead of putting it in the dryer. 


1. Free To Be Bra *Wild :: lululemon ($48) – Plenty of room to flow, twist and sweat through any yoga class. Intended to provide light support.
2. Medium impact T-back sports bra :: Gap ($44.95) – Designed for medium impact workouts, from weight training to running and cycling.
3. Energy Bra :: lululemon ($48) - A wide band under the bust provided support and the coverage in front ensures we're not exposing our assets.



CC Tip – A proper workout top is much more comfortable, and suitable, than the old shirts you’ve stolen from your ex-boyfriend. Opt for a tank with a built-in bra – it’s like getting 2 for 1!


1. GapFit Breathe heathered tank :: Gap ($22.95) – This breathable, lightweight knit will keep you cool during your workout.
2. Power Y Tank :: lululemon ($52) – To keep you flowing freely in this thin-strapped, racerback tank.
3. Enhearten Tank :: Lululemon ($58) – A strappy-back, scoop-neck tank that's designed to hold you in place during your workout, with the help of a built-in bra!


For the Guys


1. Metal Vent Tech SS :: lululemon ($68) – This sweat-wicking, all-sport crew was built with anti-stink properties to keep you fresh for longer.
2. Pace Breaker Short :: lululemon ($64) - Designed to be your athletic go-to short, with a COOLMAX boxer-brief liner that is comfortable and sweat- wicking.
3. Nike Free 5.0 :: Foot Locker ($130) - Perfect for running.


We wish you all the best in 2016! Happy sweating!


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