A New Romance... with Fall!

August 26, 2016


Although Summer isn’t quite over, it’s time to start preparing ourselves for our heart-wrenching breakup with hot weather and denim cutoffs. Sure, it will be difficult to say “so long” to Summer, but we can’t help that we are starting to grow feelings for something new… Fall! Running through an orange-tinged park, listening to the crunch of the leaves under your knee-high boots; your oversized knit sweater, plaid scarf, and pumpkin coffee to keep you warm…  It’s hard not to crush on the cozy feeling you get from the new season!  Walking through Cornwall Centre, we’ve spotted tons of new styles that have us falling in love with colder temperatures. Here’s our picks to help you transition into a new romance with Fall.





CC Tip – Unlike the drastic act of ripping off a band aid, there’s no need to overhaul your closet overnight. Incorporate your favourite Summer pieces with items above to build a pre-Fall look.  


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