How To Organize Your Life: Part 2

October 20, 2016


The most wonderful time of the year is approaching, which means our lives are about to get busier and a lot more stressful. The best medicine: simplify, minimize, and reduce. We get that letting go is hard. It’s easier to hold on to something than to give it up. Most often, we avoid letting go because its perceived as being more time consuming than just stuffing it under the rug and putting it out of mind. This week, challenge yourself to stop procrastinating and clear your life of clutter and stress with these five beginner steps.

1. Clean out your wallet: Rummage through your wallet and throw away any unused rewards cards, business cards, or anything that no longer applies. You know that old gift card you’ve been holding on to since your birthday… five years ago? Check the balances on all of your gift cards – most companies include a website or a phone number to call on the back of the card – then write it on your card. No more second guessing if you can get an extra treat with your coffee!

2. Cut out unnecessary expenses: Take a look at your bills and decide if there are any expenses that can be reduced or cut out of your life completely. Slim down your TV package or opt for a cost-efficient alternative. Do you have memberships at more than one gym, but barely make it to either? Whittle it down to one membership or credits for workout classes at one fitness centre and cancel the rest.

3. Clear out your fridge and kitchen pantry: Truth time – there is at least one item in your pantry that is expired. Am I right? Do a complete deep clean of your fridge and pantry, including throwing out expired food, donating any canned goods that you no longer need, and wash shelves. While you’re at it, get rid of any chipped dinnerware or glassware, souvenir shot glasses (when are you going to use all 20 of them at once?) and bent or mismatched cutlery.

4. Limit your technology time: Most of us spend a large chunk of our day in front of a computer. Crack down on your screen time after office hours and invest in yourself by engaging in activities that will foster your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health.  Go for a walk, read a book, or go for coffee with friends.

5. Organize your dresser: Throw away every sock or piece of underwear that has a hole in it. Then, organize the items in your dressers into neat piles. You’ll thank yourself later when you’re looking for that one top in a drawer full of this-and-that (plus, it won’t be wrinkly)!

CC Tip – We are still accepting clothing donations!

Spend the weekend organizing your dresser and closet, and bring us anything you no longer need. 
For every 5lbs of clothing you donate, you’ll receive one ballot to enter to win a $500 shopping spree! The more you donate, the more chances you have to win!
Items can be dropped off at the Guest Services desk (on the Main Level across from Sears) until Sunday, October 23rd. All donations go to the National Diabetes Trust Clothesline Program.

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