Gift Giving Made Easy…. Follow the Rule of Four

December 06, 2016

You probably already know this from first-hand experience, but when it comes to buying gifts for the holidays, it’s very easy to overdo it. It can be even worse when you have kids on your Christmas list. How often have bought a few too many gifts just so you can put more under the Christmas tree? While the gifts are appreciated, they can barely remember everything they got only a few days later!

Instead of buying a dozen things your kids might “like”, implement this new gift-giving standard.

Something they want – Keep a running list on your phone throughout the year of gifts they mention they would like during any gift-giving season. If you haven’t been so great at pre-planning your gift buying, sit them down and have them create the list for you right there and then. Also helpful, share this list with family members, too!

Something they need – Are their pajamas becoming tattered, or could they really use a new pair of runners? It’s about paying attention to the things they use every day, and it will surprise them that you noticed the need for a new ____  (whatever that gift may be).

Something to wear – Everyone loves getting a new outfit for Winter, even kids!

Something to read – If they are receiving books as a gift, they will begin to understand how important learning is and are more likely to continue the habit of reading regularly.

Plus, four gifts can fit almost any budget. You could spend $10 or less on three of the gifts, then spend more to buy one larger, more elaborate gift.

Here’s our picks for a few of the hottest gifts for kids this Christmas.

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