August 27, 2017

It’s officially Pumpkin Spice Latte season, which is sort of the unofficial Fall kick-off. Bring on the layered looks, ankle boots, muted hues and cooler temps. Who is ready for the seasonal turnover?! When it comes to this Autumn’s trends, there are some new styles that you can add to your wardrobe and we have all the details here.




The Corset

Unlike it’s past purpose, these waist cinching styles are all for show. Corset looks can still be comfortable with styles made from cozy cottons & stretch fabrics. Dressed up or down, adopt this look with a basic t-shirt or bodycon dress. You can even add a simple belt to a top you already own - look for basic black to compliment any shade.

From left to right - T-shirt // Garage, Belt // Dynamite, Dress // Dynamite


No, we don’t mean you can literally roll out of bed in your nighttime attire and head out the door, but our jammies have definitely influenced this laid-back look. From silky front-pocket blouses to satin drawstring trousers, these pieces will be all you need for trendy comfort. When putting together pajama-like look, be sure to keep it crisp and clean. Keep them well steamed and wrinkle free and even add a heel. It is definitely a look that could look sloppy if not carefully planned. 

From left to right - Floral Drawstring Pants // Le Chateau, Silky Swan Blouse // RW&Co, Satin Trousers // Le Chateau 


Neck Scarf


With the cult following that Riverdale has gained, the resurgence of prim & proper, Betty Cooper-ish looks have become the latest fad. To keep it simple add a thin silky scarf around your neck with a blazer and blouse or crewneck cable knit sweater. You will even see some embellished collars (think brooches), cardigans and circle skirts. Ps - who is ready for season 2?


All looks RW&Co

Dusty Powdered Blue


Year after year, many of the same colours transfer over from season to season. So when a new shade makes it’s seasonal debut, it’s so refreshing. This powdered, dusty blue hue looks beautiful on all skin tones. If you like to stick to darker clothing in the Winter months, bring in this blue through accessories. It will compliment black of course, but also try navy blue, chocolate browns & charcoal greys.


From left to right - Sweater // Garage, Jacket // Le Chateau, T-shirt // RW&Co

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