Dressing for the Office This Summer With RW&Co

May 31, 2017

When it comes to dressing for summer in the office, there are so many ways to incorporate your everyday basics into great looks for the new season. Adding a few fresh colours or prints, will have those oldies feeling new again. While each workplace may have different dress codes, there are some rules of thumb that will apply across the board.


1.     Spring/Summer 2017 has allowed for some carry over from the Fall when it comes to colours. Your reds and darker blues can still be worn, so don’t put away your blazers just yet. Even in summer, with the AC pumping it’s good to have a cover-up when needed. Put them over a great maxi dress and you’ll be set for your 9-5. Navy blue pairs well with pastels like a soft pink, or lavender too. There is never a shortage of those sherbet hues in the spring.


2.    A white blouse is always a classic. Whether it is a traditional button-down or a pretty   sleeveless tank, they are a great investment piece and perfect for layering. Add a fun summer print to your basic blouse  - whether it’s a new skirt, sweater, blazer or pants, that classic piece will be the perfect anchor.


3.    White denim can double as a dress pant. Just like a dark pair of denim in the fall, a basic 5-pocket pair of jeans is clean and looks great with just about everything. Try a button-down blouse and even a blazer for a lighter, brighter summer outfit. One thing to be sure of, is that the jeans are a good fit, otherwise the look can feel sloppy.


4.    Mix your prints! If you have some plaids or pinstripes in your wardrobe, try adding another print. Keep in mind balance when pairing your prints, you don’t want it to be overwhelming. Also look to keep a common colour between the two.


5. Just add new accessories to your basics. A punch of bright, eye-popping colour somewhere in your outfit, or even your shoes, is a great way to create new excitement in an old look.




    Last but not least, just feel good about what you are wearing - be confident and comfortable in your choices. Sometimes not overthinking a look is the best thing you can do. What pieces are you itching to wear for the first time this season? What will you continue to wear from season to season?

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