DAVIDsTEA Summer Ice Pops

June 26, 2017


Canada Day is almost here and for many it’s the official kick-off to summer. Soon your weekends will be filled with sunny lake days and backyard barbecues - trying to find any way to beat that Sask summer heat (even though we haven't felt it as of late - it's gotta be coming, right?!). 

We’ve made the tastiest treat to keep you cool this summer with DAVIDsTEA and of course we made them festive in red and white for Canada 150.
Here's how you can make your own at home! 




    •    Your favourite DAVIDsTEA blend 

    •    DAVIDsTEA  Iced Tea Pitcher 

    •    Fresh berries 

    •    Yogurt 

    •    Sweetener 

    •    Popsicle moulds 



    •    First, you need to make a large batch of tea. The best way to make really flavourful pops is to use a high tea to water ratio. The nice thing about the iced tea pitcher is that you can use as much tea as you want in the cylinder for steeping! Next, steep your tea for longer than usual - the longer you do so, the more flavour you’ll get. 

    •    As your tea is steeping, add your sweetener. Agave is a great choice because it allows you to keep all of the flavour notes in your tea and isn’t overwhelming. Using other syrups or sugars will give you sweet tea but you will start to lose the flavour of the tea. DAVIDsTEA also has flavoured agave like vanilla!

    •    Once your tea is cooled, you can begin making your pops. Now here’s the fun part - there are no rules! Layer and pack in all of your favourite things like fresh berries, yummy yogurts, sparkling waters and so on. Our only tip is, when trying to make layered pops, know that all of your ingredients should be in the mould and the popsicle stick in place before you place them in the freezer. If you try to layer-freeze-layer-freeze, you won't be able to get the stick out to add more to your mould. 

        There you have it - an easy summer treat to help beat the summer heat. If you give them a try, let us know how they turn out.
Enjoy!! :) 




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