Back to School Survival Guide

August 23, 2016


When I was a youngster, back to school was my most favourite time of the year. Or, should I say, back to school shopping was my most favourite time of the year. Through elementary into high school, I would drag my Mom to the store to pick out the most stylish backpack I could find, funky binders and notebooks, pens, pencil cases, and basically every locker accessory you could think of! The first day of school was like my January 1st – it was my chance to start fresh for a whole new year!

However fun heading back to school may be for some, we get that it can be overwhelming for others. How do you keep track of all of the homework and assignment due dates? How do you prepare yourself for exams? We hear you, and we’ve compiled our survival guide tips to help transition you back into the swing of things for another school year.

Stay Organized: My agenda is literally my best friend and is the holy grail of keeping your life in order. Never miss an assignment, exam, or group meeting ever again! Parents, this goes for you too! Juggle that work meeting with your kids’ band practice, basketball game, or PTA interview with ease.

Take notes in class! It will make your life so much easier at the end of the year, and you’re more likely to remember what you’ve learned if you force yourself to write it down! A pencil pouch will help keep all of your note-taking necessities in hand at all times. There’s nothing worse than frantically scrummaging for a pen or pencil during class.

Carrying the Weight of the World: Carrying books, binders, notebooks, writing tools, and other necessities in your arms can be tiring (not to mention a really good arm workout). A backpack can help alleviate the strain on your arms, and allows for you to carry more things at once, a time-saving alternative to making multiple trips back to your locker in between classes.

Boost Your Brainpower: Your brain needs nutrients to take in and understand all of the new information you’ll be learning. Plan ahead and pack nutritious lunch and snacks – a lunch kit will help you carry everything you need. Hydrate to stay focused and alert. Specialty teas (like the Get Smart tea from DAVIDsTEA) can help keep you sharp and on top of your game.

Jump In, Feet First: Keep your feet comfy with practical footwear. Chances are you’re going to be doing a lot of walking from class to class, so be sure you’ve got something on your feet that can get you from A, to B, back to A, to C, to…


CC Tip: Enjoy every minute! Make new friends, get involved in extra-curricular activities, and study hard.


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