Parking at Cornwall Centre

Cornwall Centre owns and operates two multi-level parkades for your convenience.



Located at 2183 Saskatchewan Drive, our largest parkade has over 700 stalls on 5 levels with direct access to the mall on levels P1 and P3. Payment for parking in this parkade must be made before you exit at one of our Paystations (listed below). A 24-hour paystation is available on level P3 of this parkade.  Please note that a full service elevator is located near the centre of the parkade on each level. A designated family parking area is located on P3.

Located at 1702 Hamilton Street, this parkade has over 400 stalls on 8 levels with direct access to the mall on level P3. Please note there is no direct elevator access on levels 1–6. Payment for parking in this parkade may be made at any one of our Paystations or with the cashier at the parkade exit gate.

Parking for people with disabilities is located on P1 of the Saskatchewan Drive parkade and P3 of the Hamilton Street Parkade.

Family parking is located on P3 of the Saskatchewan Drive parkade.



***This program is currently FULL. We are not adding to our Wait List at this time.

Cornwall Centre Express Park will offer a Monthly Parking Program in the Saskatchewan Drive Parkade.

This is a scramble program with no assigned parking spots. These privileges cover the traditional business days of Monday to Friday. There are a limited number of monthly parking contracts available at a rate of $160/month.

Conditions for the program are outlined in the Monthly Parking Contract. Please visit the Administration Office to inquire about the program.

This program is offered on a first-come, first-served basis.

Please note: Cash is not accepted.



$2 an hour, until you reach 6 hours, then the $14 daily maximum will be charged.

The daily maximum on Saturdays is $4.

Parking is FREE on Sundays, holidays, and evenings when you enter the parkade after 5:00 p.m.


There are no in and out privileges. If ticket is lost, the daily maximum will be charged.



For your convenience, Express Paystations are located throughout Cornwall Centre for easy access:

  • 2 in the Food Court on the Second Level near the Saskatchewan Drive Parkade
  • 2 on the Main Level of the shopping centre vestibule near the entrance to the Saskatchewan Drive Parkade
  • 1 beside Guest Services located on the Main Level
  • 2 at the back entrance to Hudson's Bay on level P3 (open 24 hours) located in the Saskatchewan Drive Parkade



We lease parking to our tenants during traditional business hours (Monday – Friday). Leased parking is located on P5 of the Saskatchewan Drive Parkade and P7 & P8 of the Hamilton Street Parkade.  These areas are open for public parking during the following times:

  • Saturday, Sunday and Statutory Holidays
  • After 5pm from December 25th to the 3rd Friday in November
  • After 3pm during the extended holiday shopping hours (November 20 – December 24)

Saturday 9:30am - 6:00pm

Call 306-525-1301 306-525-1301

Check Holiday Hours